EV Center Open House


The event was well-attended and a great networking opportunity. Bob Garzee, the Green Team Leader, showed segments from the Green Team's 30-minute video on the electric school bus project, which provided a detailed overview of what it took to make this first-of-its-kind project such a success. Mr. Garzee was in charge of designing the solution for the "Zero Emission Squared" school bus project with the Health Trust of Silicon Valley's disruptive innovation, proof-of-concept grant. A key point of the study was to make the electric school bus solution affordable for the school districts - "don't throw the bus away but add an electric kit with solar assist." You can view the video by clicking here.

The presentations at this meeting covered topics that addressed affordability of the electric school bus with solar assisted fueling and pinpointed the ETDC Board
members' focus on:

  • Availability of financing and private matching funds (Bob Garzee)
  • The combining of solar-assisted charging with conventional school bus fueling (Mark Roest)
  • The training of school district diesel mechanics to reduce ongoing maintenance (Randy Bryant)
  • The development of more efficient and less expensive batteries to increase the range electric buses (Mark Roest)
  • Fourteen programs that would make electric kits for school buses affordable to all school districts, even those with very limited resources (Dan Howley)

About The Green Team

The Silicon Valley Clean Cities Coalition is one of 100 DOE-funded Clean Cities Coalitions in the nation. Silicon Valley Clean Cities Coalition is a partnership of public & private agencies, businesses, and interested citizens dedicated to the advancement of alternative fuels in order to improve the air quality in Silicon Valley and reduce petroleum consumption. The Coalition is fuel neutral and promotes all alternative fuels and vehicles through education and outreach to public and private fleets as well as the general public.

The Electronic Transportation Development Center (ETDC) is a green transportation support center founded in 2003. It provides support in AFV training, financing of green transportation projects, demonstration projects on all levels of fleet vehicles, and identifying Silicon Valley technologies that support the green transportation industry, such as solar fueling & batteries.

Breathe California of the Bay Area is a 104-year-old health organization that fights lung disease in all its forms and works with its communities to promote lung health through education, outreach and advocacy. Breathe California offers many different programs, such as asthma management classes to asthmatic children, support groups for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and smoking cessation classes.


Cover Photo Courtesy of JohnPickenPhoto

Sandra Philpott