What we offer 

Local partnerships and networking

Our coalition engages stakeholders from fleets, businesses, governments, and vendors to advance new products and technologies to facilitate clean fuels.  Join us at our events, or contact us today for networking and partnership opportunities.


Information and educational workshops

Our workshops present detailed and neutral technology information for fuel reduction and air quality improvements.  Many of our workshops are free and all are affordable.  


Technical and problem solving assistance

Clean fuel vehicles, and renewable energy represent opportunities for cost reductions and new technologies and experiences.  Through our resources, contacts, and information, SVCC can help fleets, vendors, and partners solve problems and move forward with clean fuel solutions. We also have access to a national network of partners information.


Grant identification, exploration, and support

lean vehicle projects often include costs that granting agencies at federal, regional, and foundation level can support financially.  SVCC has relationships with a diversity of grant partners, and works with all stakeholders on projects to get out more vehicles and infrastructure.  We will help you make the connections to complete your proposal, please contact us.